What is human augmentation?

What is human augmentation? What is human augmentation? The normal meaning of human expansion is “innovations that upgrade human efficiency or ability, or that by one way or another add to the human body”. Pacemakers, eyeglasses, chip inserts, heredity changes, prosthetics, and wearable gadgets would all be instances of increases under this definition.This requires a […]

Different Types Of Cameras

The Infamous DSLRs These cameras have taken the game of digital photography to a whole new level. It is a digital single-reflex camera. DSLRs are an amalgamation of all the working components of single-lens reflex camera and a digital image taking sensor. Some of the more popular DSLRs include Nikon D850, Canon EOS 6D Mark […]


Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital, alternative, or virtual currency which will be used to buy goods and services or may be used as a term of trade for earning profits. The exchanges are legal and dealing in many parts of the planet like Australia. The country is progressing more in cryptocurrency regulations implementation. Cryptocurrency […]

Advantages of Technology

The advantages of Technology have a very crucial role in our lives. It influences our daily lives as we are surrounded by it. Technology has changed but the world and all these advances are becoming more and more common, making life better than before. It affects your communication, learning, and thinking process. These advances will […]

PS5 Pre-orders have begun

PS5 Pre-orders have begun and they have taken the world by storm. Pre-orders began on 17th September 2020 and were sold out almost instantly. The long awaited next Gen console has a very different design, in comparison to its predecessors. With a white and black exterior it gives a more modern and techy look to […]

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