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Will Narindra Modi serve another term as Indian Prime Minister

Will Narendra Modi serve another term as Indian Prime MinisterYesNoVote

Poll: Presidential Election 2024

Ultimately, the 2024 election resulted in a closely contested race, with Trump and Biden trading barbs and accusations on the campaign trail. The outcome hinged on voter turnout, with each candidate mobilizing their base and appealing to undecided voters. In the end, the American electorate made their choice, determining the next chapter in the nation’s […]

Who Will Be The King of General Election 2024

As the nation gears up for the much-anticipated General Election 2023, we want to hear your thoughts on the political landscape. Which party do you believe will emerge victorious? Share your opinion on the potential winner among the key contenders: Dive into the Debate: PML-N – A legacy of experience and governance. PTI – Champions […]

What is your favorite Cuisine ?

What is your favorite Cuisines ?