Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai. Dubai city in the UAE is famous for ultramodern engineering, extravagance shopping, and an enthusiastic nightlife scene. Dubai is a city that flaunts numerous world records. From the most noteworthy structure on the planet to a seven-star lodging. Yet, here are some Dubai fun realities that you may not know before.

Its craft scene is extraordinary beautiful

The yearly global craftsmanship reasonable, Art Dubai, highlights specialists from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, and Australasia. This cutting–edge occasion centers around contemporary fine arts that identify with social legacy. Visit the Dubai Design District to investigate its exhibitions and shops, or take an individual display visit along Alserkal Avenue to see what’s going on in the neighborhood scene.

It has the world’s longest robotized metro line

Gloat that you’ve gone on the longest driverless metro line on the planet. Join the green line (13.98 miles) and red line (32.37 miles) and you have a Guinness World Record. On this food visit, you’ll ride the metro to get you starting with one heavenly tasting stop then onto the next.

Birder’s heaven

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

Bird lovers will be happy to get t news that there are more than 320 bird species that move between Europe, Africa, and Asia through Dubai. Throughout the fall and spring, birds, for example, broadbill’s sandpipers, more noteworthy herons, and spotted hawks go through the city. They should be visible on a visit to Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, and a falconry safari is an unquestionable requirement for birds’ sweethearts youthful and old. Experience the customary game of falconry first-hand with a more prominent Harris’ bird of prey, desert hawk-owl, and spotted falcon.

Police supercars

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

Supercars of police forces in Dubai are more costly than sending a child for education in a US college.
A fascinating reality about Dubai, Dubai’s police power utilizes supercars to intrigue vacationers and show how “tasteful” the city is.
This incorporates vehicles like the Ferrari FF (US$ 500,000), an Aston Martin One-77 (US$ 1.79 million), and Lamborghini Aventador (US$ 397,000). Also, they hold a world record for the quickest squad car; a Bugatti Veyron which they bought for US$ 1.6 million!
In correlation, going to New York University, the most costly school in the USA, costs about $248,000 for a very long time!

The Dubai Dino

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

A 155-million-year-old fossil of Diplodocus Longus – broadly known as the ‘Dubai Dino’ is for all time in plain view in the Dubai Mall. It is one of only a handful of exceptional fossils on the planet exhumed with practically ALL bones unblemished!

Air-conditioned bus shelters

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

The temperatures in Dubai can finish up to 50-55 degrees during mid-summer. Thus, the Dubai Government has given cooled sanctuaries to those hanging tight for the public vehicles.

City with most extraordinary pets

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

The normal creatures kept as pets are typically felines, canines, and so forth In Dubai, pets are a status and style image of their proprietors. Some normal pets are lions, cheetah tigers, and other huge felines. Generally, these pets carry on with a luxurious way of life alongside their proprietors.


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