Turkish Street Food

Turkish Street Food

Turkish street food nowadays and from back time to is always a favorite tourist place for people, because of immense beauty, well maintenance and best tourist services people always chose Turkey to spend their leisure time.

Talking about Turkey, how someone can avoid eating its famous street food, here we have arranged a list of famous tasty street foods for you so if you are ever planning to go on vacation, don’t forget to enjoy your meal.

Balik Ekmek

Turkish Street Food

A famous road food from Istanbul, balık ekmek is a newly barbecued fish filet stuffed in a large portion of a portion of white bread with a lot of onions, tomatoes, salad, and spices. This is particularly found in the Eminönü area. This name is taken from two Turkish words Balik ( fish) and Ekmek (bread). Tasty


Turkish Street Food

As a road food, the best form of döner is inside a dürüm, which implies the dainty cuts of meat from the turning spit are moved up in lavash bread and loaded up with salad and here and there softened kaşar cheddar. It is also usually sometimes filled with döner kabab, making it more delicious to eat.


Turkish Street Food

The outright breakfast staple, simit (a round cake canvassed totally in sesame seeds) has become generally a symbol as far as Turkish road food. Request some olive glue and get a glass of Turkish tea from some place to make it complete. Its crunch, chewiness, size, and other characteristics can vary marginally by its region

Midyear Dolma

Turkish Street Food

Mussels loaded up with herbed rice, currants, and pine nuts are another exemplary road food, and the merchant will keep giving you more one with a squirt of lemon until you say enough. Stuffed mussels or Midye is a nonexclusive name for full orange mussels, pine nuts, herbed and flavored rice, and once in a while currants. It is a well known and normal road food nibble on the waterfront and different spaces of Turkey like Izmir, Bodrum, and Istanbul


Turkish Street Food

Heated potatoes loaded up with everything possible are quite an incredible road food. Make a point to get a few wieners and Rus Salatası (mayonnaise salad with p carrots, potatoes, pickles, and peas ). The ideal cooked potatoes have a creamy inside and crunchy skin

Keystone and Misir

Turkish Street Food

Positively a portion of the better choices in the blend, in the colder time of year, simmered chestnuts are one of the most well-known road food sources and surely one of the most warmings, while old fashioned corn that is either been bubbled in milk or broiled is likewise an incredible heavenly bite. Keystone is the Turkish word for chestnut and Misir is for Corn.

Halka Titlis warmings– shaped desert

Turkish Street Food

Among Istanbul’s numerous delicious road food choices is “Halka tatlisi”, a kind of sweet accessible anyplace in the city. This well-known, delightful dessert is made with a shockingly fundamental formula. The broiled mixture is then plunged into syrup and chilled. The outcome is a firm and very sweet road dessert. Istanbul roads are energy-draining, yet this Turkish road food can give you the full lift that is required.


Istanbul is a street food darling’s paradise. The street food of Istanbul is varying and magnificent, made with new trimmings and served from trucks, vendors, stays on city convergences, street dealers, or diners across the city. From döner kebab to lahmacun, street food in Istanbul is an experience that can’t be missed!


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