4 best hypocaloric fruits that can help you lose weight

4 best hypocaloric fruits that can help you lose weight

Why you should eat more fruits to lose belly fat.


We are constantly obsessed with eating appetizing foods, no matter how hard we’ve tried to control our cravings to lose weight.

Fruits are the primary source of high fiber, vitamins, minerals, and health-boosting antioxidants. They are particularly low in calories which helps you with weight loss and keeps your immunity strong as well. Furthermore, their slight sweetness can fulfill your cravings.

As per stats of 2016, 50.4% of US adults lost weight by consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Hence, this article has the best solution for all your efforts concerning weight loss.



4 best hypocaloric fruits that can help you lose weight

(Citrus Paradisi) Grapefruit, a citrus fruit transverse between orange and pomelo. It’s a sought-after fruit particularly used for weight loss remedies.

This fruit enriches; minerals, vitamins(A, and C), specifically Fiber pectin that lowers cholesterol(LDL to HDL level). This fiber-rich fruit is effective in enhancing metabolic rate, promotes fullness by maintaining appetite, and reduces calorie consumption as well.

As per the study, they subjected around 64 women and 21 men to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice before meals in a 2-week caloric restriction phase, resulting in a 7.1% decrease in overall weight and a significant drop in cholesterol, and BMI.


4 best hypocaloric fruits that can help you lose weight

Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) is the brightest red, juicy, and tasty fruit ever known. It is highly propitious for your internal and external inadequacies. 

They contain the most important fat hormones that burn your belly fat or lose weight. Adiponectin and leptin stimulate metabolic rate and promote satiety which is workable to burn calories.

As the research shows that certain changes in adiponectin result in sudden weight loss i.e. Increase in adiponectin results in a reduction of abdominal fat. 

Cantaloupe (Melons)

4 best hypocaloric fruits that can help you lose weight

(Cucumis meloCantaloupe is a juicy, no-netted, orange-fleshed melon. It is low in calories (34 per 100gm), carbs, sugar and high in vitamin A & C, and high water content that makes you feel hydrated. 

Vitamin C and Antioxidants (rich in polyphenols) of cantaloupe play a vital role in metabolic health and immune systems. Its water and fiber content keeps you full, enhances metabolism, and suppresses appetite so that it can easily cut your calories. (prefer to eat a slice or two before lunch or between meals.)


According to the study, imported melons are rich in vitamin A and C (USDA report). Cantaloupe melons store greater B-carotene than honeydew melons.


4 best hypocaloric fruits that can help you lose weight

(Citrus Sinensis) Orange, a citrus fruit fill-up with effective nutrients. Its low calorie and dietary fibre content control your weight.

The pulp and peel of an orange is a rich source of wholesome nutrients such as 

  • Vitamin C (64% of the daily value)
  •  Low calories(47)
  •  9% dietary fibers
  • Phytochemicals (polyphenols, carotenoids), Minerals i.e. potassium and magnesium provide an efficient diet that effortlessly burns your fat, reduces cholesterol level, boosting your immune power, and protecting your skin from damage. 

 A 60-day study shows that P-synephrine from the bitter orange extract is 

As per a study, taking orange juice in the diet promotes weight loss and reduces cholesterol. 

Bottom Line

Everyone knows fruits are healthy for your body, but some are not considered for losing weight, especially as they contain excessive sweets or are high in calories. However, these are the best fruits (hypocaloric) that can help you lose weight and ameliorate your health as well.

Let us know what we omitted in this article and share what you like and do in order to lose weight.

We would appreciate your comments and suggestions to make our article more effective.

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