5 Sustainable Swaps That Can Help Reduce Waste

5 Sustainable Swaps That Can Help Reduce Waste

5 Sustainable Swaps That Can Help Reduce Waste. It is no secret that our planet is ecologically in an alarming state. Going green might seem intimidating and expensive from afar but that just might not be the case. With rapidly increasing awareness, many people are consciously turning towards minimalistic, zero-waste and vegan life styles. Critically, mindless consumption is creating thousands of tons of trash. Furthermore, it is turning our environment into a disastrous catastrophe. There are some very basic eco-friendly everyday swaps. These will assist us with smooth transition

1. Re-usable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are destroying our planet. It is high time we completely ban them from the face of planet earth. Re-usable metal water bottles help with keeping the water cold or insulated. In addition to this, they can save you hundreds of dollars a month. Besides everything, not choking the marine life to death is a reason enough for us to start using re-useable water bottles.

2. Canvas/ Tote Bags

Going grocery shopping and murdering the wild life? Taking your own reusable shopping bag must be an obligation! Plastic shopping bags take hundreds of years to decompose. Furthermore, they are one of the biggest causes of land pollution and destruction of wildlife. And, even if you forget to take your cute canvas bag, ask for a paper bag.

3. Cloth Napkins

Tissue papers and paper towels account for 254 million tons of trash per annum. it is way more prudent to use cloth napkins. Contentedly, they serve not only as tissue papers but also as snack saves, hand towels and napkins too. Also, paper towels when soggy cannot be recycled . Hence, they should be substituted with cloth napkins.

4. Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are eco-friendly and sustainable in nature. They can technically last upto ten years. Although made from plastic, they can be re-used unlike pads and tampons. Most importantly, they are a one time investment and help save considerable amounts of disposable income.

5. Kindles and E-books

Before finding pleasure in the smell and feel of a book, think about all the trees that are murdered for paper production. E-books and kindles can cut down on humongous amounts of paper and shipping waste. It also saves you storage space, and can help dodge the organizing and cleaning hassle.

Making these conscious choices i.e. 5 Sustainable Swaps That Can Help Reduce Waste, is not just about protecting the environment but promoting efficiency too. These little changes can make a big big difference in your ecological footprint. Lastly, the cumulative impact of us all doing it can actually help with threats like climate change and global warming.

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