Crazy Fact about South Korea

Crazy Fact about South Korea

South Korea is an East Asian Nation, and you will be amazed by knowing its crazy facts, here we have some crazy facts about South Korea.

Men wear makeup too

Crazy Fact about South Korea

In South Korea, it’s not simply ladies or entertainers who for the most part make their appearances up.
In the “Place where there is the Morning Calm,” practically 20% of the male populace wears cosmetics.

Financially, that adds up to nearly $900 million spent each year. Notwithstanding their sex, Korean men regularly wear cosmetics similarly to women do.

It’s an obvious fact that the beauty care products and skincare industry in Korea have in practically no time cleared its direction into the world stage. In any case, their items were never made for ladies alone in light of the fact that in Korea, everybody needs to put their
the best self forward.
Koreans frequently go after BB or CC creams and pinkish lip tones to keep themselves adequate outside. There isn’t any oppression of men wearing cosmetics in South Korea by any means, which is very freeing and liberating.

Red Ink

Crazy Fact about South Korea

Here in the United States, we utilize a wide range of various shades of ink in our composing. While it is generally expert to utilize dark or blue ink, particularly for formal composition, Americans are not modest with different tones, particularly red.

In any case, this isn’t true in South Korea. Assuming you see a name written in red, it’s a terrible sign; it means that an individual is dead or while heading to being dead.
In Korean culture, red ink is utilized to compose the names of the dead and is not really adequate to be utilized on some other event — except if you need somebody dead.

That implies you should simply stay with dark or blue pens when you’re making a trip to South Korea. Hell, utilize some other shading to compose aside from red, since Koreans may misconstrue your goals in the event that they see you composing their names in red ink!

Koreans are older than us

Crazy Fact about South Korea

You’ve likely known about the idea that South Koreans will forever be more seasoned than every other person since they see themselves as a year old the second they emerge from the belly.

South Koreans praise their birthday events on the date they were conceived very much like every other person, however, their age won’t “change” until the New Year, which is each first of January.
To know your Korean age, you simply need to take away your time of birth from the current year, then, at that point, add one. It’s ideal to observe this when somebody requests your age in South Korea since you’ll have to recognize your global age and Korean age.
Also, kids age another year when the following Lunar New Year happens. Thus, despite the fact that you have a portion of similar birth insights, now and then South Koreans are as long as two years more established than you are.

Their Exercise habits

Crazy Fact about South Korea

One more reality about Korea is that offers something about its kin. Wherever in South Korea, you’ll see these as “public exercise centers” with a few distinctive wellness hardware, those are generally for extending however in some cases there are likewise weighs.
You may think these could be cool spots to meet ravishing ladies and gentlemen, yet actually Korean public wellness gear is for the most part utilized by elderly individuals they are likewise gorgeous incidentally. Korean public exercise centers are thoroughly allowed to get to free. They believe that staying fit until you die.

Up and flew away

Crazy Fact about South Korea
Kites on a summer sky. Free public domain CC0 photo

Kite flying is a famous diversion in South Korea. During the Lunar New Year, kite – fliers cut the strings on their kites with the goal that they take off away. It’s trusted that when the kites float off in the breeze, all misfortune drifts away with them.


22 Weird and Fun Facts About South Korea

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