Chitral Valley

Chitral Vally

Chitral valley is a town that is positioned in the khyber Pakhtunkhuwah on the River Chitral. It covers a total area of 57 km square. The official language spoken in Chitral is Khowar. It is the most peaceful and beautiful district of Pakistan.

Why is Chitral famous?

Chitral is well known for its normal magnificence, the effortlessness of its inhabitants, and its one-of-a-kind culture. It is the most entrancing and enchanting spot in the Hindukush range. The scene of Chitral is amazingly strange, with its precarious unforgiving mountains, rich green valleys, delightful fields, and huge icy masses, which have made it one of the most troublesome and unavailable spaces of the world-changing it into an adventurous spot on the planet.

Best time to visit valley

Kalash Valley is the most famous place in Chitral, where minorities are still preaching their Greek culture. The best and ideal opportunity to visit the valley is from April to October when you discover colossal tones and organic products. Chitral invited summers with an assortment of colors in its valley while in winters the entirety of the spots wore a white cloak of snow.
Chitral is effectively available via air venture as the flight activity from Islamabad to Chitral every day. Additionally, by street Islamabad to Chitral, it will require very nearly 10 hours to arrive at the valley

Best places to visit in The Valley

Chitral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pakistan. Here are some beautiful and attractive places not to forget whenever you visit Chitral valley.

1) Gram Chashma

Chitral Valley

Seeking the esoteric place in Chitral, Gram Chashma is one of the most popular and favorite spots. As the name described, Gram Chashma provides hot water in the spring season too. Chiefly, it contains cold water but this Chashma is rare in its own way. Especially, this Gram Chashma is well-known for its curative properties.

2) Kalash Valley

Chitral Valley

The most popular valley in the Chitral locale is Kalash Valley is famous for its Greek Mythology. The occupants of the valley are the Kalash public, who have a special culture, language and follow a type of old Hinduism. Accordingly, the Kalasha Valleys are a wellspring of fascination for Pakistanis just as International vacationers.
Individuals of Kalash or white cleaned with brilliant earthy colored hair and blue eyes.

3) Koghazi and Goleen

Chitral Valley

Koghazi and Goleen, marginally obscure for the traveler, however, an unquestionable requirement visit place in Chitral. It is situated a ways off of 14 km from the Chitral Valley. A land brimming with surprise, the verdant land, the tall organic product-loaded trees, uncommon zest of spice, wonderful environment, huge cascade, the chill water of the stream, make anybody hypnotized with its charming beguiling magnificence.

4) Shahi Masjid

Chitral Valley

Shahi Masjid, a piece of glorious design. Shujaul Mulk who was the ruler of Chitral build Shahi Masjid in 1924 A.D. The structure of the Masjid is genuinely a stunning piece of engineering with unadulterated white marbles and engraved craftsmanship. The design really addresses the way of life and custom of Chitral blue-bloods.

5) Barmoghlasht

Chitral Valley

Settled in the middle of the tremendous mountains and luxuriously green land, Barmoghlasht is one of the renowned summer resorts in Chitral. Situated a ways off of 14. 5 kilometers from the Chitral. Vacationers liked to visit the spot in the two seasons, in summers, the retreat is ideally suited for paragliding and in winter for skiing. Each season carries experience to this resort.


If you are planning to spend your vacation in nature, Chitral Valley is the best place for you, without any doubt tuck your seat belts and go there.

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