Honey, The Most Versatile Carbohydrate Around

Honey, The Most Versatile Carbohydrate Around

Honey, The Most Versatile Carbohydrate Around

Honey, The Most Versatile Carbohydrate Around. And the most pure form of sweetener you can have. Along with this, it is also arguably one of the most versatile ingredients as well. The process of honey production starts with the bees going out to gather nectar. They collect as much as they can carry, and they then bring this back to the hive. At the hive, this nectar is passed around from bee to bee and chewed on. The chewing releases enzymes which then convert the nectar into honey. This honey is then stored in little honeycomb cells made out of wax. Although it takes multiple bees a whole lifetime to make just one tablespoon of honey, they usually make up to three times the amount that they need to survive. This means we can also enjoy this tasty treat.

Honey, The Most Versatile Carbohydrate Around


Honey in Food

Honey can be used as an excellent spread to have on your morning toast.  It can also replace sugar as a sweetener in most things. For example, diabetics can replace the sugar in their tea with honey. This is just one of the many different uses of honey. Ever heard of honey glazed wings? Yup, honey can be used to glaze different kinds of proteins such as ribs and chicken wings. Honey can also be used as a topping for different desserts and is also very popular with pancakes and waffles.

Different kinds of Honey

There are many different types of honey, such as Sidr honey, black forest honey and Acacia honey. Each different type of honey is harvested from a different place, with different trees, and each has its own unique flavor. Even something as simple as the extraction method can cause there to be a different flavor in the honey. For example, Black forest honey is also produced using the Acacia tree, but it tastes different to normal Acacia honey due to the difference in extraction process. 

Along with the many different types of honey, the trend of infusing different ingredients into honey has also taken stride. For example, Cinnamon Infused honey and Chili infused honey is a running favorite among people. It can be used on top of ice cream as well as inside burgers, to give the burger a spicy yet sweet kick. NutreoPak is one of the only companies in Pakistan which is selling freshly infused honey.

Honey, The Most Versatile Carbohydrate Around

 Other benefits of Honey

The uses of honey are not just limited to consumption, it is also an excellent sterilizer for wounds. Pure honey, when applied to wounds, makes the wounds sterile due to its antibacterial properties. Honey is an extremely healthy form of sweet as well because consuming this boosts liver function and due to its antibacterial properties, is also very good for soothing sore throats.


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