Discover Different Sweet-Dishes Worldwide for Eid-ul-Fitr

On Eid ul Fitr, enjoy a culinary tour around the globe and sample a wide variety of delicious foods from other countries. Every dish delivers a different sense of history and celebration, from the rich tastes of Turkish baklava to the delicate sweetness of Pakistani sheer khurma. Celebrate diversity and unity while enjoying these delicious sweets that unite people in joyful celebrations. Discover the rich cultural diversity of Eid ul Fitr by indulging in its delicious treats, and create a really unforgettable holiday season.

Sweet Samosas

These are referred to as briouat in Morocco, although sambusa hilwa is a more often used term in the Arabian Gulf. Each variant is made by shaping phyllo dough into triangle pockets, which are then filled with a sweet filling. Nuts drenched in syrup or fruits like apples and pears are common stuffings. As an alternative, phyllo might be wrapped into the shape of a cigar rather than a triangle and filled like a cannoli with sweet cream.

Crème Caramel

Particularly in South Asia and the Middle East, crème caramel is a traditional Eid al-Fitr treat. Its velvety custard with a silky caramel coating is a beloved Christmas delicacy that’s simple enough to prepare at home (or easily purchased).


During Eid al-Fitr, South Asian Muslims have saviya as a dessert. Vermicelli, ghee, sugar, and fragrant spices like cardamom are stir-fried to make it. Following the Eid prayer, many families have saviya for brunch or breakfast. Similar in nature, pure khurma is also quite well-liked. Vermicelli is another main component, but this time it’s cooked in a milk base—typically overnight. Similar to a sweet noodle soup, the dessert is served hot or cold depending on personal choice.

Filled Cookies


A family favorite during Eid al-Fitr in Egypt is kahk, a crumbly butter cookie filled with a ball of date paste and dusted with powdered sugar. Some nations, including Palestine, prioritize the date-filled pastry known as maamoul on the Eid table. Nonetheless, for Eid, pastries filled with pineapple jam are a common choice in Indonesia.

Agar Agar Pudding

Because of its cold, jiggly texture and sweet flavor, agar agar pudding is a beloved dish during Sri Lankan Eid festivities. It is a pleasant and traditional festive dessert. This unusual dish is frequently shared by families during their happy Eid celebrations.


The good news of nisholda or nishallo is associated with the month of Ramadan in Uzbekistan and other surrounding Central Asian civilizations. Whisked egg whites are mixed with sugar and the roots of plants (typically licorice). Served with naan, it resembles marshmallow fluff and adds a sweet touch to a meal.


Like licorice, nougat’s origins may be traced to Iran and Central Asia, according to the Oxford Companion of Food. From at least the 10th century, nougat has been a popular dessert during Eid al-Fitr, eventually migrating to Arabia and Andalusian Spain.

Turkish Delight

Turkish pleasure is believed to have originated in Iran, despite its name suggesting roots in Turkey. These little morsels, known in Persian as lokum, are available in a range of tastes and textures, from jelly-like to marshmallow-soft.

Fatira and Cambaabur Bread

For Eid al-Fitr, thin, crepe-like pancakes are the main dish throughout Africa. For breakfast on Eid, Ethiopians have fatira, a pancake flavored with honey. A pancake known as “cambaabur” in neighboring Somalia is dusted with yogurt and sugar.

Sweet Buns

Beautiful buns cooked in a honeycomb design and covered with honey are known as khaliat nahal in Yemen during Ramadan and Eid. Kleicha are sweet buns wrapped in date jam served as a delicious Eid breakfast in Iraq.

Petit Fours

The popularity of petit fours as sophisticated Eid al-Fitr sweets has grown. People in places like North Africa, Lebanon, and France love these little sweets with elaborate decorations.

Sweet Porridge

A sort of sweet porridge called lakh, prepared from millet and curdled milk, is popular in Senegal. It is customarily taken immediately following the Eid prayer at home. One popular method of dressing up the porridge for the occasion is to add baobab fruit. Similar to this, some West African societies celebrate Eid with thiakry, or degue, a sweet porridge.

Sweet Rice

Iranians prepare shole zard, a sweet made of boiled rice, sugar, and saffron. A little more sweetness is given to the rice for the holy feast by adding dates and dried fruits.

Sesame Seed Halva

Loved for its rich, nutty taste and crumbly, thick texture, sesame seed halva is a popular Eid treat in the Middle East. It comes in many varieties, including chocolate! One interesting way to savor this halwa on Eid al-Fitr is to stuff it inside medjool dates.

American Treats

Classic American desserts for Eid al-Fitr have developed in North America, including cheesecake, pies, brownies, cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies. Favored by Muslims who were born and reared in the area, their appeal stems from both their taste and usefulness. Everyone can appreciate these goodies, but youngsters especially can.

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