Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan – Pakistan is a country of immense natural beauty and diverse landscapes, ranging from majestic mountains to lush green valleys and serene beaches. With such a rich natural heritage, it’s no surprise that eco-tourism is an emerging trend in Pakistan. Eco-tourism, as the name suggests, refers to responsible travel to natural areas […]

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai

Interesting Funny facts about Dubai. Dubai city in the UAE is famous for ultramodern engineering, extravagance shopping, and an enthusiastic nightlife scene. Dubai is a city that flaunts numerous world records. From the most noteworthy structure on the planet to a seven-star lodging. Yet, here are some Dubai fun realities that you may not know […]

Chitral Vally

Chitral valley is a town that is positioned in the khyber Pakhtunkhuwah on the River Chitral. It covers a total area of 57 km square. The official language spoken in Chitral is Khowar. It is the most peaceful and beautiful district of Pakistan. Why is Chitral famous? Chitral is well known for its normal magnificence, the effortlessness of its inhabitants, and its one-of-a-kind culture. It is […]

Best Places in Egypt to Visit

Home of the old Pharaohs, Best Places in Egypt to Visit is an objective brimming with stunning sanctuaries and burial chambers that wow all who visit. However, it’s not all memorable fortunes and vacation spots. With tremendous plots of desert for 4WD experiences, the Red Sea’s elite coral reefs and wrecks for jumpers, and cruising […]

Best Place to Visit in Thailand

Best Place to Visit in Thailand, Thailand may be a resting place that’s continually growing in eminence and rightly so because it comes with spirited cities, marvelous seashores, and a tremendous range of outlandish experiences. There are many best places to visit in Thailand, to the north, you’ll find towns, cities, and isolated communities, many […]

Beautiful places of Venice

Beautiful places of Venice. Today Venice is perceived as a component of the creative and engineering patrimony of all humankind, a fitting job for a city whose thousand-year financial and political autonomy was supported by its part in worldwide exchanging. The circumstance of the city on islands has restricted current rural spread past the notable […]

Beautiful Places of Spain

Spain, a country in Europe’s the Iberian Peninsula, incorporates 17 independent districts with different geology and societies. The capital city Madrid is home to the Royal Palace and Prado exhibition hall, lodging works by European bosses. Spain is renowned for its nice culture, flavourful food, and dazzling landscape. Significant urban areas like Barcelona, Valencia, and […]

Ali Sadpara: A Knockout Storm

Background Ali Sadpara: A Knockout Storm. The hidden gem of Pakistan became a part of the limelight after his successful 2016 Nanga Parbat winter summit. He ended up making a world record out of it. He aced the record with two other flabbergasting mountaineers, Alex Texikon of Spain and Simone Moro of Italy. But we […]

International Travel

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel, reads only one page.”— Saint Augustine International Travel, especially when you are young, gives you a lot of experience and skills that you might need further in life. You learn about different people and their lifestyle. You see a different world and what goes on […]

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