Exercise Good for Sanity & vanity

Did you know that exercise effects your brain more than any other part of your body? Yes, exercise does help in reducing weight, but more importantly, it makes your brain stronger. Don’t worry, the first time I read about it, it surprised me too. Getting off the couch and running on a treadmill, or hitting […]

What is a muscle spasm

A muscle fit is an unexpected, compulsory development in at least one muscle. Individuals may likewise consider it a cramp or a muscle spasm or jerk. These developments can occur in any muscle of the body, and they are extremely normal. Muscle fits frequently happen because of exercise, stress, or lack of hydration. Are these […]

Healthy Rituals to Adopt

Quiet Time aka Meditation Even if it is a few minutes everyday, some time specifically devoted to silence is important for mental stability and calm. Especially during the pandemic, we spend most of our time wrapped around nervousness, panic, anxiety and depression. Having some time to arrange your thoughts or just focus on your breath […]

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